Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Getting Close

The long winter is nearing completion. Tomorrow is the first day of spring and my first planned fishing trip is less than three weeks away. I plan to kick off the season with the annual trip to the Elkhorn Clean-up then heading further south for our annual father/son trip to the Smokies.

I was able to get out once over the winter, with a quick trip to new water with an old friend. Due to my transfer and my friend's house building, we were unable to hook up in 2010. Last month, following the West Virginia winter meeting of TU State Council, we headed east about 45 minutes to new water for me. With heavy runoff and heavy flows, there were no trout harmed on this quick trip but it was definitely nice to just get out on the water.

The winter hasn't been a complete loss, I've been acquiring gear for the upcoming season. In addition to my son's first pair of waders and his first backpack, I also purchased a dozen unique flies from Ben of Arizona Wanderings blog. He calls them mini-hoppers and I can't wait to give them a try on some wild trout waters of the Smokies.

Here's to another great year in search of native salmonids.


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Dustin's Fly Box said...

Great flies! I found that pattern to that foam fly on another blog and need to give it a try